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Website Launch
neto ecommerce agency
woocommerce ecommerce agency

Content Quickstart Package

Get the essentials installed on your website with our content quickstart package to help you get launched sooner. Includes setup of all content pages and general business details setup.

$230+GST ($253)

$230+GST ($253)


Tier 1 Shipping Setup

1 Basic API integration and one basic flat rate/free shipping option or Australia Post eParcel Manual Rates

$180+GST ($198)

$290+GST ($319)

Tier 2 Shipping Setup

2 Basic API integrations and one basic flat rate/free shipping option or Australia Post eParcel Manual Rates

$360+GST ($396)

$548+GST ($603)

Tier 3 Shipping Setup

Complex setups involving between 3 or more carriers.

To be quoted

To be quoted


Payments and Anti-fraud

Get your payment gateways and methods installed in one go. Includes credit card, paypal, buy now pay later options and anti-fraud protection software.

$180+GST ($198)

$293+GST ($322)

Sales Channels


Setup your eBay integration, link your eBay store(s) and eBay store categories, import your products from eBay and setup various listing rules templates and a free listing design template. All setups come with a free 30 minute training webinar.

From $850+GST ($935)

From $1060+GST ($1166)


Setup your Amazon integration,  import your products from Amazon and setup various shipping rules. Synchronise your existing products and create new products to Amazon.

From $850+GST ($935)

From $1060+GST ($1166)

Other Sales Channels

Setup your other sales channels, through a datafeed or 3rd party application.

To be quoted

To be quoted

Other Integrations

Google Analytics

Setup Google Console Verification, Google Analytics and Ecommerce Tracking for your webstore.

$180.00+GST ($198)

$180+GST ($198)


Create up to 6 zaps to connect multiple apps together.

$540+GST ($594) per 6 zaps

$540+GST ($594) per 6 zaps


Configure and test data feeds with the requirements you have.

$270+GST ($297) each

$320.00+GST ($352)


Configure and test your accounting integration.

$180+GST ($198) each

$291.00+GST ($320)


Onsite Support

Provide on location support and staff training on your platform. Suitable for customers looking for training in specific aspects of the system or generally wanting someone onsite to assist. Minimum 2 hours.

$250.00+GST ($275) per hour

$250.00+GST ($275) per hour

Onsite Hardware Support

Suitable for customers looking for help onsite to setup warehousing applications and point of sale systems. Minimum 2 hours.

$250.00+GST ($275) per hour

$250.00+GST ($275) per hour

Private Webinar

Suitable for customers looking for extra help go over aspects of the system such as eBay, order processing, products and import/exports. Minimum 1 hour.

$180.00+GST ($198) per hour

$180.00+GST ($198) per hour

Ongoing support packages

Monthly packages available for customers who need a bit of extra help for their business. No lock in contracts, cancel at anytime. Contact us for more information.

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