best automotive ecommerce platform

What is the best automotive ecommerce platform for your business?

There’s no escaping it. Ecommerce has become the new ‘normal’ for the auto parts industry.

As shopping on the internet has become mainstream, more and more people are buying their car parts online.

But… they’re still looking for the same level of service that they would find in a traditional store.

Automotive customers are looking for a certain kind of shopping experience. They like to deal with people who know cars, who are passionate about motoring. At Donohue Consultancy, we understand that. We believe that when it comes to building auto ecommerce sites, it’s important to choose a team that will meet your specific customers’ needs.

Lifestyle 4x4

What Your Prospects Want

When prospects come onto your site, they need to feel that what they see has been set up with them in mind – an ecommerce site for car enthusiasts designed by car enthusiasts.

Donohue Consultancy staff are the right people for the job because we understand where they’re coming from. Through our focus on site design excellence, we’ll offer your prospects a streamlined and optimised path to purchase.

They’ll be able to find what they’re looking for quickly and easily – because we’re committed to maximising the ecommerce customer experience.

Emphasis on Excellence

This dedication to excellence has led to us working with a vast array of Australian auto parts companies: original and aftermarket vehicle parts specialists, tyre and wheels, exhaust, racing and performance parts, wreckers and 4×4 companies.

We’ve worked on ecommerce projects with some of the leaders of the automotive industry. They were delighted to have an opportunity to ‘talk shop’ with a digital agency who ‘speaks the same language’, who has the same devotion to expert craftsmanship and precision that they do.

Prestige Tyre and Auto
Prestige Tyre and Auto

Dealing with Customer Issues

One of the biggest issues that our clients have brought to us is:

‘How can we make sure that the customer’s online shopping experience matches what they can expect in a bricks and mortar store? Customers are often used to a see and hands-on approach to ensure quality and suitability.’

Donohue Consultancy focuses on recreating the face-to-face experience with user-friendly modern web-stores with an emphasis on information assistance. We’ve become a market leader in providing convenience and functionality through our Parts Finder Tool.

Customers can find the car parts they’re looking for quickly and easily by entering the make, model and year of their car. They can also do a search by typing in a part number.

This tool allows customers to feel comfortable and in control – that they are getting the part they need with the quality they want.

What are some of the features of Neto ecommerce?


Singular, variation and kitted products

Discounts and coupons

Run promotions and discounts

Abandoned cart saver

Entice customers to come back to finalise their sale

Customer groups & segmentation

Provide discounts to VIP customers, trade customers and more


Run an effective dropship business through Neto

Unlimited custom fields

Great for orders, customers and products

Gift vouchers

For online and in-store purchases

Store finder

Great feature for businesses with multiple locations

Wholesale functionality

A complete B2B solution for wholesale businesses

Print courier consignment labels

Print labels directly from the Neto dashboard

Upsell and Cross-sells

Cross promote and increase basket size

One-page checkout

Save clicks and go straight to checkout


Customisable display on sales, customers and profits

Major payment gateways

Accept Stripe, Paypal, Zipmoney, Afterpay and more.

Live shipping rates

'Smart built' live shipping rates to customers

Why choose Donohue Consultancy?

Our managing Director, David Donohue has a long history with Neto. David worked at Neto for several years in multiple support roles before seeing opportunities to work more one-on-one with businesses to help them tackle the hurdles of Neto ecommerce.

Now with a growing team of eight based in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, we cover all aspects, including Neto website design, consultation, implementation services and premium Neto support.

David Donohue
ebay store designers

Transparency and accountability

With Donohue Consultancy, you won’t be a number. You are immediately assigned a project manager who is with you every step of the way.

Gain access to our systems and see updates on your project in real-time, no more guessing or waiting to know if your project is actually progressing. Even if you decide not to login, you’ll still receive periodic updates from our team.

If you have any questions or concerns, simply call your project manager to discuss or visit us in person, we love having visitors!