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We’ve done the hard work so you don’t have to. Everything from setup, design creation and copy so you can sit back and reap the rewards.


Change platforms with ease.

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Work with your website.

Email Flows
Email Flows

Automate Customer Emails.


Copy that sells more.


Custom design templates.

Increase Sales

Using data to maximise growth.

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Introducing Klaviyo for
Your Brand.

Klaviyo’s software is at the cutting edge of email marketing for eCommerce enterprises. Here’s what it brings to your business:

Email templates

Reach your customers at the right time. Use dynamic marketing content based on their browsing activity. All in one click.

Personalised SMS messages

Klaviyo lets you target customers at any stage of their buying journey. Whether you’re on first-name terms or they’ve just reached out, the software lets you create appropriate messaging for every customer.

Custom sign-up forms

This software transforms your data into a valuable asset, allowing you the ability to segment customers, build funnels and run campaigns effectively. Moreover, you’ll be able to manage it all in one place.

Automated eCommerce solutions

Send marketing messages in real time based on consumer behaviour. Build customised profiles for your shoppers. Klaviyo’s software incorporates numerous flows to help you connect with your customers.

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Sales Growth

Faster, More Effective
Email Marketing.

Email marketing is still the most effective online strategy for boosting sales. Your business needs to use it – but who has the time?

Messaging today needs to be personalised for the client. It needs to recognise where they are in their buying journey and help them take the next step. You need to guide your customers along the way – and now you can.

Save time with automated messaging. Put out messaging that sees your customers – it remembers their baskets, delivers personalised prompts, and identifies what they might like. Your eCommerce store can and should offer the VIP treatment.

SME's using email marketing.

*Based on report by hubspot.

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Power your brand

Stunning Custom
Design Templates.

SMS Marketing

Driving Lead Generation with SMS Automation.

SMS marketing is an effective, affordable way to remind your customers of flash sales and coupon codes. Customers “forgetting” that they were shopping with you doesn’t have to be a fact of life. Remind them. Encourage them. Welcome them back.

You need to integrate fully automated SMS marketing into your eCommerce business.

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*Base on report by smsglobal.

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