Neto Over WooCommerce

Quick Stats


SaaS Platform

Neto is a SaaS platform (no maintenance, mitigated risks from site breakages, hacks)

Out of the box

Neto includes most tools ‘out of the box’ – no 3rd party plugins, no developers needed

For Australia

Australian phone and email support

B2B, B2C

Perfect for B2B or B2C or both


You won’t hit brick walls trying to grow your business

Inventory Management

Advanced inventory management system

Shipping module

Create labels and complex shipping matrixes within the system


Inbuilt point of sale system for selling in store or on the road.

Marketplace Integrations

Integrations with major marketplaces; eBay, Amazon, Catch of the Day, MyDeal and more.

Flexible Products

Flexible product types; bundles, multi-variations, gift cards.


Warehouse management and order processing


Not Open-Source

You lose some flexibility for stability (it’s not open source software)


Pricing for the service can change (however this is common amongst all SaaS providers)

Limited Marketplace

Limited marketplace for 3rd party supported applications

Woocommerce is a great platform for starting out your ecommerce journey. However, once you start to scale your business, you will require external applications to bolt on to Woocommerce to keep up with demand. 

Scalable businesses will need solutions for inventory and warehouse management, creating shipping consignment labels, selling on marketplaces, selling in store. 

Scaling businesses will also get creative to attract more customers, often requiring to tack on multiple plugins, causing website bloating, more maintenance and more problems. 

The costs start to add up, the labour that goes into managing multiple systems which is the biggest killer for scaling. 

This is where Neto comes in. Neto was built purely with ecommerce in mind, with all the bells and whistles you need to build and grow your business to the next level. 

Neto supports both small and enterprise level customers with tiered pricing plans to suit all budgets. This means as you grow, you don’t need to migrate your entire business operations into a new platform (a costly and often frustrating experience if you’ve ever had to do this before). 

Donohue Consultancy makes the experience easy and hassle free. Our team all have a wealth of retail and wholesale experience, that’s why we’re Australia’s most trusted Neto partners.