Refund Policy

Donohue Consultancy strives to provide quality services and will work with our customers to try and resolve any dissatisfaction in any way we can. In the instance that a refund is requested, our formal refund policy is below.

Project services paid on instalment-basis

Services including project management, development, support and design services are non-refundable. If you decide to change your mind and cancel this service, you will still be liable for all remaining payment instalments.

Warranties for all work completed are valid for the duration of the project length only. We ensure there is ample time provided throughout the project to test setups and confirm changes made to the platform.

If projects extend outside the timeline due to our failure to adhere to deadlines, the project will be extended at no extra cost to the customer until the work is complete.

However if projects fall behind schedule due to the customers failing to supply adequate direction or information, the project will end on the deadline supplied with no additional work been completed (even if it was part of the original scope).

We understand that our customers can become very busy, so we do have the option to extend the life of the contract. This is simply charged as an additional monthly payment instalment on a month-to-month basis.

Fixed price / hourly rate based services

Services including design tweaks, integration setups and one-off support assistance services are non-refundable.

We offer no warranties (unless otherwise stipulated) on fixed price/hourly rate services.

If we request further information or clarification on work and we do not hear from the customer within a period of 3 weeks, we may close the service as completed.