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We know and understand that you, as a business owner, are looking for solutions that can make your operations more efficient and increase revenue, and save you time and money in the process.

However, due to our rapidly changing world where new technologies are constantly becoming available, finding the best way to deal with problems can be a minefield. It may not even be easy to articulate exactly what your problem is.

Asking the

It’s easy to find yourself in the position where you have questions and answers aren’t readily apparent.

  • Which of the new technologies do I need to incorporate and are most helpful for my circumstances?
  • Do I have a problem because there are too many manual components in my systems?
  • How can I make my systems ‘talk to each other’ effectively?

The Process.

In order to move forward, it makes sense to add an expert to your team, a trouble shooter who you can trust to provide exactly the right solution for you – who gets the job done, smoothly and effectively. That’s where Donohue Consultancy comes in.

With our unique evidence-based Client Consultation Process, we follow a methodical yet flexible approach with a focus on business functionality to provide a personalised, comprehensive and integrated online systems solution for our clients.

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Our clients.

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What goes on during the

1. Active Listening

Understanding your business and the issues you’re facing.

In order to provide the right strategy, we first need to understand your business, the solution that’s required and your user needs.

1. Active Listening (Continued)

Through our active listening approach, which involves paying close attention, reflecting, clarifying and withholding judgement until all the issues are addressed, we will be in the position to know what is needed – and expected.

2. Business Diagnostic

An in-depth analysis of your business processes.
Once the Active Listening component is completed, we can then drill down into your business processes and overlay your requirements with the best technology options to fulfill them – your right fit solution.

2. Business Diagnostic (Continued)

We are tech agnostics. Unlike some consultants who are predisposed to always using one specific methodology, we’re unbiased regarding the use of any specific technologies to solve your business problems.

3. Strategy Implementation

A personalised solution for more efficient operations. This step involves putting plans into action to reach desired goals.

Execution of these plans includes the following steps:

1. Defining the framework
2. Deciding on and building plans
3. Creating KPIs
4. Forming criteria for measuring KPIs

4. Systems Optimisation

Training on monitoring and continuous improvement.

We will show you how to run your integrated systems properly and efficiently. We empower our clients by focusing on continuous improvement – this keeps current customers happy and helps with acquiring new customers.


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