WooCommerce over Neto or Shopify

Quick Stats


Free software

Just pay for server hosting

Extremely flexible

Everything can be modified to work the way you need

Large Community

A generally accepted platform with large community support

3rd Party Tools

A marketplace with a lot of 3rd party integrations and plugins

Out of the box

Woocommerce comes with a lot of ecommerce functionality out of the box

Low Cost

Great for starting out on ecommerce at a relatively low cost


Prone to Attack

The platform is attractive to hackers and constant bot attacks


Platform constantly requires maintenance (server hosting, site updates, site breakages)


Ecommerce is not native to the platform. Because of this and the number of 3rd party plugins, this creates site bloating which can affect general administrative usage and SEO issues.


More complicated or rapidly growing businesses may need to migrate to other platforms or invest in expensive 3rd party software’s to maintain scalability.